new alcon colored contact lenses

new alcon colored contact lenses Have an eye minus, plus, or cylinder? Do not be sad once. You do not need to wear the glasses to help clarify the vision, but could use colored contact lenses. Fun, besides vision so clear, the eyes also become more beautiful.

Acuvue Brand Manager PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia Rian Surachman also said studies conducted show female beauty standard is changing. Current versions of beauty, was not only seen on the translucent skin, but also of beautiful eyes. And beautiful eyes can be created from wearing colored contact lenses.

"Many young people use contact lenses due to the complementary color of beauty," said Rian during the launch of 1-Day Acuvue Define in Exodus, Jakarta, Thursday (7/5).

According to Rian, the use of contact lenses was capable of making the eyes beautiful. Exactly, contact lenses can make pigment circle clear and sharp so that the eyes look younger. Color contact lenses also make the pupil look larger and contrast. Is also able to provide depth and sparkle effects of natural, as well as affirm the white area in the eyes appear whiter.

But even make eyes more beautiful, choose color contact lenses should not be arbitrary. Miscast, the eyes can become irritated and other harmful effects. Ria Surachman give tips on choosing a safe contact lens. Come on, be listened to!

- 1 Day

Choose disposable contact lenses or daily. Disposable contact lenses make the eyes do not dry because it has enough moisture to prevent irritation.

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